Use a single-flame torch, the ideal flame shall be 20 cm long.
The ZX abutment is placed in the appropriate sleeve using the interchangeable end suitable for measuring ZX.

The abutment will be placed where the flame has a lower temperature slowly proceeding toward the highest  temperature spot, with a continuous rotation necessary for distributing the heat uniformly, you will notice that the abutment will slowly start melting and it will assume a spherical shape, form the consistency and the colour it will be evident when it is time to stamp.

Now proceed quickly, before the abutment cools down, and position it with the appropriate pressure on the point previously indicated on the model.

The abutment, immediately after the stamping shall be put on the flame for a few more second and then placed in the apposite container or refractory cotton to allow a slow a proper heat dispersion.
A perfect fusion is characterised by the grey-ish colour assumed by the stamping zone of the chalk model. A too light grey colour indicates scarce heating of the abutment and therefore an insufficient stamping with a poor support base, while if the grey colour is too dark it implies a stamping exceeding the necessary support zone and an aesthetically negative result, in both case the results a clearly visible

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